This is one of the most frequent questions I get from my connections, so I decided to do a post with great resources to start your Pythonic journey.

The first thing to know here is that you won’t be an expert in python in 3 days, a month or even a year. Programming is a life journey, and it will take you years to master it. Even though, you can be pretty good and succeed with this and other languages and then apply your knowledge for data science.

You don’t have to be a Python developer to be a good Data Scientist, but is really important that you know about programming logic, data structures, conditionals, loops, lambda functions, functions, and some of object and classes. What you need to master are libraries like Pandas, Sklearn, Matplotlib, PySpark and of course Optimus ;).


So here are great resources to get started with Python for Data Science (not in one day)

1. DataCamphttpss://

2. edXhttpss://

3. Pluralsight


– httpss://


4. Courserahttpss://

5. CodeAcademy: httpss://

6. Dataquest.iohttpss://

7. Iron AIhttpss://


Have fun ?